Efficient GAS / LPG servicing and repairs in Weymouth , Dorset

Do you require a Gas Engineer in Weymouth ? At Weymouth Plumbing & Heating , we provide professional LPG and Gas servicing and repairs at highly competitive prices. 

Liquefied petroleum gas, known as LPG, is commonly used outdoors, such as for camping equipment, BBQ’s and patio heaters. It is also used inside dwellings such as caravans, cabins, boats and rural homes. If you rent out your dwelling – even for a short term – you are classed as a landlord and therefore have legal duties when it comes to gas safety.
Using fixed appliances
All fixed LPG gas appliances should be regularly serviced and safety checked every year by a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. You should check your engineer is qualified to work on your property type, as well as qualified to work on the individual appliance.
For example, if you have an LPG cooker on your boat, the engineer will need to be registered to work on: boats, cookers and LPG.

When buying a new or replacement gas appliance you should check that it is suitable for its intended location (e.g. in a caravan) and the type of gas that will be used (i.e. LPG or natural gas). It must be installed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer.

Covering All Aspects

Due to the extensive range of skills possessed by our team, we are able to carry out heating services involving all manner of installations.We work with boilers, radiators, thermostats, pumps, tanks, valves, and programmers, and provide the following services:

  • Fault Finding
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Plumbing and Heating Repairs
  • Power Flushing
  • Servicing
  • System Design and Installation

Handling Hot-Water Systems

Maintain a constant flow of hot water with the help of our accomplished engineers. Every member of our team is qualified to service all boilers and gas-fired systems, while we also install hot-water cylinders. For your peace of mind we only use British Standard-approved materials, while all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Comprehensive Boiler Service

Having a modern boiler at your property can save you a fortune in heating bills, so don’t hesitate to hire our heating specialists to install a state-of-the-art combi boiler for you. Our boiler installation service is provided by us from start to finish, including all stages from the initial design through to the commissioning of the unit. All of our staff are qualified to work on and install any type of vented or unvented heating or hot-water system. This includes fitting traditional stored-water systems, combination boilers, and high-efficiency condensing boilers in compliance with the Part L (2001) Building Regulations.

Provisioning Landlord Safety Certificates

It is the legal responsibility of a landlord to have an up-to-date gas safety certificate provisioned for each of their properties. Lasting 12 months, the certificates are awarded by Gas Safe™ -registered tradesmen following a successful assessment. Get in touch with us now to arrange an evaluation.

We highly recommend you install an audible carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an extremely poisonous gas, which can kill quickly and with no warning, as you cannot see, smell or taste it.​